The Last in the Arsenal

Clad in the armor of Heaven's divine light
     bearing the arsenal of God's great might,
Jesus marched into the Judean wilderness
     to demonstrate the power of true holiness,
To battle every wile of the deepest dark,
     so our future arrows might hit their mark.

When He had prayed and fasted forty a night
     Jesus encountered the tempter on His right,
Whispering for the lust of His hunger sigh,
     but with the Sword of His Spirit held high,
Jesus fended off His evil foe's wiley attack,
     leaving him to ponder his decisive setback.

Doubling back the tempter did eagerly dare,
     for the pride of Jesus' life he wanted, so rare,
But wielding the Spirit's Sword like no other
     Jesus foisted also the second sinful proffer.
A third time, this time calling for lusty eyes,
     the Sword still aloft spared the devil that prize.

As the tempter fell back without a sound,
     and angels of the Lord gathered around,
The spirit of lies knew he'd someday be back,
     another time, a time more opportune to attack.
The war between good and evil was not over
     and again peace would be primed to shatter.

Little did the tempter know that at dawn's twilight
     when all but one weapon had been used to fight,
Jesus had one last surprise left in His quiver,
     the last in the arsenal of God's greatest giver...
His very own life, when drops of His blood would fall
     and raise up an army, us, ready to heed His great call.

Ephesians 6:10-20
Matthew 4:1-11
Mark 1:12-13
Luke 4:1-13; 22:39-44
Romans 13:11-14
Isaiah 59:17
Hebrews 4:14-16
John 15:13-17

by J Alan R
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