The Last Sacrifice

Daniel prays for us today.
I set my face toward God and pray
     with fasting, sackcloth and ashes:
'O great and awesome God,
We have done wickedly
And rebelled against You.
To us belongs shame of face.
Upon us must come great disaster.
And still we do not turn from our sin.
With Your hand upon us, You
     sought to make for Yourself a name,
But because we sought without You
     to make a name for ourselves,
We deserve nothing but to be
     a reproach across the land.
Dear God, You who are righteous
     in all You do and say, please
Hear this prayer today: stay Your hand,
     turn away Your anger and fury,
And forgive us yet again, this time
     ...once and for all."
Come, Lord Jesus!
Daniel knew You well,
That You would make an end of sin,
That You would bring in
     everlasting righteousness,
That You would restore
     and rebuild Jerusalem,
That You would be
     the Last Sacrifice.

Daniel 9

by J Alan R
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