The Lighthouse

And that, Mr. Seurat,
     is exactly Jesus' point. 

Up close
     it's just a bunch
          of red and blue dots,
But from afar
     it's a lighthouse,¹
          shining on the sea.

When the world sees
     individual believers united
          by the gracious love of God,
It will then be able
     to follow His light shining
          the way home through the dark.

John 13:35, 17:11-23
Romans 15:5-6
Ephesians 4:3-13

¹'The Lighthouse at Honfleur' by Georges
Seurat, 1886, an iconic example of a
painting using the technique called
Pointillism, in which small, distinct
dots of color are applied in patterns
which form larger overall images.

by J Alan R
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