The Lions Are Circling

from their dark lairs
     the lions are circling,
          and hungry, they're coming
to devour us.

be still. don't run.
     they're much faster,
          and out of breath we'll be
when they catch us.

turn not our backs,
     but face our attackers, eyes
          straight ahead, though scared,
they may not pounce.

remember the Lion within,
     our mighty strength from Him,
          knowing in our frightened hearts,
we are not alone.

their long claws may rip,
     their sharp teeth may tear,
          though they swallow us whole,
we've nothing to fear.¹

1 Peter 5:8
John 15:19
Proverbs 24:10
Ephesians 6
James 4:7

¹imagine what the Christians experienced
when they were lead out onto the Coliseum
floor to be eaten by lions...those who
didn't run, didn't scream and faced their
attackers with a boldness, a confidence,
and an assuredness those sitting in the
stands watching had never seen...Jesus
died for them, they were willing to die
for Him

by J Alan R
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