The Looking Tree

-a child's perspective of being
way up in a favorite old climbing
tree, inspired by the Holy Spirit

Atop the Looking Tree,
With time on my hands,
There's so much to see,
Where I've been, am,
And what is yet to be.

Look up here!
I yell to the postman
So far down below,
Any mail for me today?
If not, then just, hello.

The hungry Doberman
From down the road
Can never get at me
When I'm here hiding,
Safe in such a tall tree...

I can see my dad
Coming home from work
At the end of the day,
When his work van
Turns for home this way.

Old Mr. Windy Gust
Tries to blow me out,
Whipping forth and back,
From my tree-top perch,
I can hear the tree crack.

But best of all,
I feel closer to God
Way, way up here,
We talk quite a lot,
Nice to be so near.

Exodus 25:22
Jeremiah 29:13
Deuteronomy 6:5
Matthew 18:3

by J Alan R
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