The Most Important One

An unimportant son, the fourth
     of twelve, one to be lost for the ages;
God used Judah to pave the way
     for His only Holy One. 

An unruly teen, poor husband too
     and an even poorer father;
God brought forth from Judah
     His only begotten Son.

Instrumental in selling his brother
     into foreign hands to die;
God tied humanity's promised destiny
     to Judah's long line of kings.

With little hope that Judah the man
     would amount to very much;
God provided through sinful Judah
     the world's King of all things.

God broke through Judah's sin, showing
     no one is beyond His reach;
God softened his oh so hardened heart
      and made it beat for others.

God blessed mankind through Judah
      bringing in line His Anointed;
God made Judah's whole life story
      more than a tale of 12 brothers.

Judah's life and living became the plan
      for the world's promised freedom;
Judah's turning became the model for
      the redemption of all humanity.

God used earth's most unimportant son,
     one we would pay no mind;
To bring in the its most important one,
     Jesus, Messiah, King for eternity.

Genesis 49

by J Alan R
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