The Most

the King of the universe
 from His throne in Heaven,
  stepped down; his resplendent
   robe trailing behind as He exited
    His kingdom's wide open pearly gates
TO BE WITH US, His created,
     as a presence at such times
          to guide, protect and deliver us.
But why?

the First-Born over creation
 the image of the invisible God,
  lived life as we do, first so we know
   He gets us, but even more so we have
    a model of who He wants us to become.
TO BE AMONG US, His kids,
     present, in a skin of His own
          to live, breathe and be like us.
But why?

the Holiest of all holies,
 Who knew not a single sin,
  put upon His bared shoulders
   the mantle of all the world's evil
    to feel full it's sting upon His fair back,
FOR US, to take our place
     sacrificially, to suffer and die,
          in order for our sins to be forgiven.
But why?

the Spirit of the Christ,
 the Comforter, the Advocate,
  the Intercessor, the Strengthener,
   the Father will send in My Holy Name,
    will indwell our inner spirit, who will live
IN US, within each believer
     spiritually, as our counselor
          to help and lead us back home.
But why?

Does it matter why?
Does it really matter?
Fact is, He didn't and doesn't just tell us,
 He showed and shows us.
For when we least deserved and deserve
He loved and loves us
 the most.
All we have to do is
 love Him back
  the most we can.
He wants nothing more
 or less, in return.

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Romans 5:6-11
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by J Alan R
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