The Next Best Thing

This world knows 
     we are made with
         a big empty


          deep inside
     we so want to fill
To be so fulfilled,

And it parades
     promises endless,
          full of only


          who at their
     very best last only
A short season,

Then casts away
     the thing for that day,
          and shops for


          thing to fill
     the still empty place,
The next best thing.

Truth be known
     this big hole we have
          was not for any


          but a person
     speaking truth in spirit,
Residing in our heart.

The next best thing
     is the only thing made
          to fill it full,

Christ, the Savior of the world.

John 4:1-42

┬╣the next best thing, clothes,
phone, car, friend, job, love...

by J Alan R
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