The Night of the Storm

The night of the storm
     the wind howled,
          the rain poured,
               voices were raised,
                    many tears fell,
And the Word of God said
     "Come walk with Me for awhile."

I opened it wide and began to read:
     a peace calmed me,
          a joy lifted me up,
               the Spirit spoke,
                    I began to see,
And then the thunder cracked,
     and out the window I went to look.

It was then I began to sink
     back into the deep,
          the waters rising up,
               the waves, the foam,
                    I couldn't breathe,
And then a hand grabbed mine
     and pulled me back to my feet.

The night of the storm
     Jesus pulled me near
          when I cried out,
               the winds calmed,
                    the waves stilled,
And once again in His saving arms,
     He stopped the storm in me.

Matthew 14:22-33

by J Alan R
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