The Provider

To draw you near,
Or send you running,
Like the sly Lyrebird,¹
The spirit of this world.²
Will do and say anything
To take your eyes
off the Truth.

With its tail in the air,
It will promise love,
But take your heart.
Prancing so proud,
It will make you run
From mere shadows
of abject fear.

The songs it sings,
Or the tail it swings,
Beautiful to the ear
And lovely so dear,
Promises of a liar,
Sweet nothings
of a falsifier.

This restless world,³
Bent on discontent,
Tells us we can fill
All the empty in us,
If only we do chase
The pretty feathers
of the deceiver.

The Truth tells us
Eternal contentment
Can only be found
In the arms of One,
Trusting at all times
In the promises
of the Provider.

Luke 4:1-13
Philippians 4:11-13
1 Timothy 6:6-12
2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Romans 8:28

¹the Australian Lyrebird
is uniquely capable of
mimicking just about any
sound they can hear
nearby: other birds,
sounds predators make,
cars, chain saws, baby
crying, dog barking, etc.

²the world is always
there, but not for us.
Jesus is always there as
well, just for us.

³what the world offers
is never enough. what
God offers is more than

by J Alan R
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