The Red in the Rock

The red in the rock at Sedona...

The Ancient Ones say spirits
     blew rose-colored sand,
          piling up crimson spires
               across the primal land.

Early pioneers say elements
     in the earth’s deep crust
          aligned to its core with
               blood, colored rust.

Mother Nature says her waters
     in the form of rain
          washed away the dull
               rock layers, so plain.

New Agers say a vortex
     a swirling center of shock
          brings out the inner beauty
               of the old natural rock.

Archaeologists say the earth
     in its turbulent renown,
          the Colorado Plateau all
               turned upside down.

Scientists say it's iron
     atop layers all earthen
          soils oh, so prehistoric
               oxidized by the sun.

It's Creator says
     from the beginning
          the beauty of Sedona lands
               has glorified alone the work
                    of My Holy Hands.

Genesis 1
Isaiah 40:28
Psalm 90:2

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by J Alan R
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