The Shallow

When Jesus said to the fishermen
     "Follow Me!"¹
It was a holy invitation,
And when He said the same
     to the collector of taxes,
          it wasn't to just tag along.

In so many words, you said choose:
     Come with Me,
     Come close to Me,
     Come see where I go.

     Talk like Me,
     Do like Me,
     Be like the Me you know.

     Live like Me,
     Love like Me,
          and if need be,
     Die like Me
          so the world will know.

Keep your eyes on the prize,
    for when you so decide,
         it won't be from the shallow.

Matthew 9:9; 16:24-26; 25:40-45
Mark 1:17
Luke 14:26b
John 13:1-17; 13:35
Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60; 11:26b
Ephesians 4:1-6
1 Peter 2:21
1 John 2:6

¹'akoloutheo mi' is Greek for 'follow me'

by J Alan R
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