The Spirit's Feet

We have physical feet
     and spiritual feet.

The Spirit inside us has
   steps in mind He wants
       to take today, and each
           day I must choose to walk
               in those steps, or stride off
                   on steps of a path of my own.

It is always a battle,
     choosing to follow the Lord
          or asking His help following me.
It is a choice to lean into
     God's power within my frame
          or call on the strength of my own.

The Spirit within us
   is always a gentleman
      and will not force His way,
         but will forever take the first
            steps out into each new day
               and invite us always to choose.

Truth is:
Our physical feet walk best when
     when they walk inside the Spirit's feet.

Galatians 5:16, 25

by J Alan R
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