The Sword of the Lord
The sword of the Lord
     came to Ezekiel. 
I send you to a people
     rebellious in heart. 
Of Me they do not fear. 
     I am not their God. 
Take to them My sword. 
     I must cut them down. 
My eyes will not spare,
     Nor will I have pity. 
Whether they hear or not,
     They will know I am God. 
I will choose a remnant,
     This nation I will restore. 
I will scatter them to the wind,
     But I will bring some back again. 
Those who say, from Him
     you must get far away,
It will be their hearts alone
     I cause to forever stray. 
Few will hear and heed My word, 
     But many will feel My sword. 

Ezekiel 11

by J Alan R
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