The Unstoppable Word

In the beginning
     was the Word,
And it went forth
     into the world.

John, preacher of the Word,
     though beheaded to stop it,
          preached on went the Word of God.

Stephen, sharer of the Word,
     though stoned to stop it,
          spread still did the Word of God.

Paul, writer of the Word,
     though imprisoned to stop it,
          walked free did the Word of God.

We, bearers of the Word today,
     though being woked into silence,
          disciples must hear still
               the Word of God.

Jesus, Himself the living Word,
     though crucified to stop Him,
          rose from the grave, behold
               the still living Word of God.

The Word was in the beginning
     and will still be in the end,
           the Word of God is the Alpha
                the Word of God is the Omega,
The unstoppable Word of God.

Matthew 28:16-20
John 1:1-5
Acts 7:54-60
Philippians 1:7, 12
1 Peter 1:25

by J Alan R
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