The Veil
The veil over a bride's face
    hides her beauty, only
      to be lifted up for
         her groom to be
            the first to see

The veil over Moses' face
   hid God's glory, only
      to be lifted up for
         his Israel to be
            the first to see.

The veil over the Holy of Holies
   hid God's redemption, only
      to be torn in half when
         The Christ was lifted up
            for all the world to see.

Now the veil over our hearts
   which blinds us still,
      we can ask it be lifted
         so we can see as in a mirror
            His glory like never before,
               us transformed back into
                  His likeness forevermore.

2 Corinthians 3:12-18

by J Alan R
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