The Work of The Chayat

By the sweat and blood of His brow,
     and with the very breath of His life,
The Chayat* sewed a beautiful gown,
     a life lived for the love of His wife.
He knitted together the whitest of linen,
     the only life ever lived without sin,
So she could walk down life's long aisle
     in His purity and be in Heaven again.
There is not one precious ornament,
     nor jewel we could add to the finery,
That would make this dress glow more
     than it does right now, don't you see.
The work of The Chayat, because I believe
     has my sin clothed for all eternity.

Isaiah 1:18, 52:1, 61:10
Romans 3:23-26
2 Corinthians 5:18-21
Philippians 3:8,9

*chayat is Hebrew for tailor

by J Alan R
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