There is a Wailing

There is a wailing
     few can hear
Amidst the wailing
     at the Western Wall.
It is not for the destruction
     of God's temple once there.
It is not for the crumbling
     of the wall still standing, so rare.
It is not for answers to prayer
     offered up by everyone.
It is not for the Messiah
     who it is said is still to come.
It is with hearts breaking
     over the irony of it all,
Lovers of God reaching out
     through an ancient wall,
Praying for salvation due
     it just seems odd,
When you have the real One,
     the True Temple of God.
So, what happens to all
     the prayers on paper
Stuck in the dusty cracks
     left for God to answer?
Wall workers poke them down
     with long wooden sticks,
And bury them in the ground,
     with all the other relics.

1 Chronicles 7:15-16
2 Chronicles 6:32-33; 7:14

by J Alan R
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