There is a Warmth

There is a warmth we crave
When first we wake and rise
     on cold mornings,
And we begin to layer up,
     socks or slippers for the feet,
          and a robe or a wrap for our arms,
Until we find the just right feel.

There always comes a point,
Though, when it gets too warm,
     no matter what,
And we must peel back,
     so off go the beanies and gloves,
          and the scarves and mufflers too,
Craving what cold does steal.

There is a warmth we can have
That will stay with us always
     no matter the weather,
Requiring no layering or peeling;
     the touch of God's loving hands,
          in and on and through our lives,
Filling us with joy to forever feel.

1 John 4:7-8

by J Alan R
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