They Are Coming

Called by God in a dream
     to the stinger-end of a long
          and narrow Tijuana valley,
               called Scorpion's Canyon...

Where nothing and no one thrive,
Where trash and flies go to die

...a poor Mexican teacher 
     built a holy church because
          God said they are coming,
               many headed home.

A City of God was the dream,
A Mexican border church the reality

Seeking freedom in America,
     wave after wave of migrants
          found much more than asylum,
               finding a safety for eternity...

Thousands ransomed for God,
Every tribe, language and nation

...seeing in all their running,
     realizing in all their losing,
          besides having one another,
               all they really need is God.¹

Matthew 28:18b-20
Acts 1:8
Revelation 5:9

¹the Iglesia Embajadores de Jesus, pastored
by Gustavo Banda...the rest of the dream is
to offer homes, a school, a hospital, a work
-skills training center, a seminary and a
children's park. The reality is what we do
to help. Amen!?

by J Alan R
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