They Laughed

Abraham laughed,
 and Sarah too.
And I imagine
 even Noah, Moses, and
   Nicodemus could have, true.

Not disrespectfully, mind you,
 but in that what they had been told
   seemed so darned hard to believe.
There are those among us now
 who laugh at what God said because
   for them it's a gift too lofty to receive.

Truth be known, it's not the laughs
 that stood these years the test of time,
   but what God alone said and promised.
Though God hopes for much better,
 it's not our first responses that matter,
   but our faith when He's ready to harvest.

Genesis 17:17
Genesis 18:12
Genesis 6:19
Exodus 3:2-5
John 3:3
Luke 1:5-25

by J Alan R
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