Those With Ears

Every day, from dusk to dawn,
dancers of all shapes and sizes,
leg it out onto the dance-hall floor,
but they can't dance because
the music is no more.

The piano there has no keys, the
violins are without strings and bows,
no scores grace even one music sheet,
not that the dancers didn't try,
only rhythm stirs the feet.

Word was music was to come,
and one day it finally did, in the form
of a singer who hardly looked the part,
but His voice was beyond sweet,
and warmed many a heart.

Slowly but surely, his singing
got folks' feet moving and grooving,
but many refused, saying they didn't like
the song, the singing, or the singer,
even rejecting all three alike.

Without missing a single beat,
the singer seemed none too upset,
saying only for those with ears* to hear,
dance like no one's watching,
there's no reason to fear.

*inspired by a story written by Max
Lucado in the chapter entitled "Hearing
God's Music," from the book Just Like

God is always singing His song, a song
meant to get all people up to dance.
Sadly, though everyone hears the song
being sung, not everyone is so moved to

by J Alan R
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