Head back, mouth open wide
crying at the sky,
Arms out, hands turned up
reaching higher than high,
Knees aching, toes dug in deep
knowing not sure why:
Who am I?

And a voice nearer than near said:
The world doesn't
know you,
I do, 
and those
you gave to me
will know you
sent me, 

Those you sent me
Those who will believe,
All because you loved me
Them I will receive.

Eyes a squint, lips a breath apart
blocking what's ahead,
Arms limp, hands at my side
hanging as if dead,
One knee up, one knee down
wondering if I heard right what was said:
What did you say?

And the voice, to another, continued on:
The world can't
see you,
I do,
and those
you chose for glory
will see you
in me,

Those you sent me
Those who will believe,
All because of your glory
You they will perceive.

Eyes tight shut, lips a tremble
smiling for Who I think it is,
Arms crossed, hands in shoulder caress
trying to hold a love so new,
Feet at the ready, legs still shaking
knowing now What was heard and Who:
I know who You are!

And then Jesus finished telling His Father:
The world won't
love You,
I do,
and those
like this one
who will love
through and through Me--

Those You sent Me
Those who believed,
All because of You in Me, Me in You,
and Us in them--
A lasting love achieved.

John 17: 20-26

by J Alan R

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