Through Him

If only I could do
     the hard things
          like Jesus did:
Being humble
     when you are the king,
Not worrying
     when things turn bleak,
Remaining silent
     when falsely accused,
Not letting words hurt
     when their edges are sharp,
Turning the other cheek
     when one has been struck,
Loving those who hate
     when they won't love back,
Forgiving others
     when they mean harm,
Not giving in to temptation
     when evil looks so good,
Accepting Jesus
    when the world says no,
Putting Jesus first
     when family and friends object,
Rejoicing in persecution
     when it's because of Christ,
Even giving your life
     when needed but not wanted.
Truth is, brother,
     I can't do the easy,
         much less, the hard,
But through Him
     all things, no less,
          I can't be barred.

Philippians 4:13

by J Alan R
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