THUNDER! like never.
  and out the church door
      i flew with another to see,
a sun or a moon, i
  could not tell, high in the sky,
     but inside its ring i saw three,
the Father and Son
  and their Spirit too, so holy
     i thought, "it just can't be!"
then the Father said
  to the Son, "The time has come,
    gather our littles, and do not tarry!"
my heart so leaped!
  joy filled and poured over and
    back in i ran with such ecstasy,
Proclaiming: "Jesus is coming!"
  Shouting: "Jesus is on the way!"
    Yelling: "Jesus is coming for us now
               on the great clouds of mercy!"

not a head turned,
  not an eye averted; the cells
    that held their souls would not release.
"but Jesus is coming!"
    i cried, while an usher shushed,
      putting up a finger up to his "please!"
"but Jesus is coming!!"
   i wailed, while from the high pulpit,
     the preacher intoned, "sister, cease!"
"but Jesus is coming!!!"
   i screamed with my entire being,
     "at hand is the dawn of eternal peace!"

as in the days of yore
  even in the church they will be
    texting and given to texting at the feet
of their blue screen god,
  and will know not when He comes
     until long after His stay is complete. 
is this coming a dream or
  a waking wish that i want true;
    nevertheless it will be without repeat. 

Mark 13:26
Matthew 24:37-39
Thessalonians 5:1-4
Revelation 22:17,20,21

by J Alan R
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