To Be With Him

God made us to be with Him,
     but, on our own, we could not.

It was not that His hands
    could not for us so reach.
It was not that His ears
    could not from us so hear.
It is our own iniquity, instead,
    that keeps us so far apart.

Our sin shortens our arms.
Our sin stops our ears.
Our sin makes God for us
     so far out of reach.

But by His mercy, He offers Life.
By His grace, He provides Truth.
And by His love, He made a Way.

God's own mighty arm
     has lifted the heavy weight,
One no mere man could carry
     or ever hope to emulate.

Through the hands of His sinless One,
     God reached across the divide,
Doing what no man could ever do,
     and set us down forever by His side.

Isaiah 59:1-8, 9-15
John 14:6

by J Alan R
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