To Be, or Not
Despite the reported death of macho man
His voice lives still, floating on today's winds,
Whispering words of ripe pride in little boy's ears:
"Real men must live life as men are meant to be!"
"They are to be like metal. When they are soft,
          their net worth is zero."
"They are to be like muscles. When they are not flexed,
          they are more than useless."
"They are to be like lions. And when they fail to roar,
          they are as cubs in hiding."

Despite the reported death of God Almighty
His voice lives on as well, carrying today's very winds,
Whispering words of Good News in every ear:
"Men of God must seek to have a heart like Jesus,
          how we're supposed to be."
"We are to love with hearts absent selfish ambition.
          Stepping down from the thrones of our conceit."
"We are to love with hearts that lift others up.
          Putting them on the pedestals of our regard."
"And we are to love with hearts ready to sacrifice.
          There is no greater love than to die for a friend."

The choice of a lifetime.
The voice of a life.
To be, or

Philippians 2:5

by J Alan R

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