True Gospel

The good news is
From the beginning
God made us to be His kids
To be with Him forever.

The bad news is
Our grand parents blew it,
Separating us from holy God
Because of sin.

The good news is
God made a way
Through His only Son
For us to be forgiven.

The bad news is
Jesus had to die
To pay the price
To send sin to hell.

The good news is
All we have to do
Is believe in Jesus,
He's the only holy one.

The bad news is
Not near enough
Even know what's
Gone on before.

The good news is
God loves us, and
Wants the best for us,
So in Heaven, He waits.

John 3:16
1 Corinthians 15:2-4
Romans 6:4-8

by J Alan R
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