True Happy

Clinging to the tips of their wings,
Earthly happiness
Is a waddling of ducks near a pond,
Their down so soft to touch
     you can't help but want to pet them,
And though you give chase
     and even get near,
They suddenly upward
     flap, fly away,
Always just out of reach.

Not so with heavenly happiness.
And may I say it plain:
Jesus is the grape vine,
     and we are His branches.
Abide in Him as such,
     and we will bear fruit,
          much fruit, for apart
We will bear nothing
     and we will be pruned,
          gathered, and burned.
In this our joy is complete,
     when Jesus' joy is full in us,
          ours then overflows.
Draw near, my friends
     and stay near; that's how
          in Him, true happy goes.

John 15:11
Psalm 16:11
Romans 15:13

by J Alan R
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