God isn't just holy,
He's holy, holy, holy.
And all the universe
Reflects His glory,
     every last speck.
Standing there before
     His heavenly throne,
Unable to avoid stepping on the train
     of His robe, stretched across the sky,
Isaiah was undone.
And when God's seraphim spoke,
     the posts of Heaven-declared
          shook to their foundation, then
               smoke filled the space of rare air.

I am not worthy!
I am sinful man!
I am not I am!

One of God's seraphim took
     a live ball of fire from an altar,
Then touched his lips with it
     and took away his sin;
          God wanted it that way.
Isaiah was undone.

Here I am.
Send me.
I will go.

Then God said, now go!
Tell the truth to the people
     so their ears will grow heavy
     so they will shut their eyes
     so they do not understand
     so they do not repent
          and be gathered back to Me.
Isaiah was undone.

How long?

And God said
     until all that remains
          of the dark, dark forest
               are the stumps of the Oak
                    and the Terebinth tree.
Then I will come for
     the holy seeds of all
          the trees I cut down.
Isaiah was undone.

Isaiah 6

by J Alan R
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