The ready bars of the gates
   to my heart, shut, lock and even
      barricade quickly against those who   
I sense have chosen like villains
   to use their horrible strength to do
      harm to the very best of my intentions.

In truth it is not them at all,
   but the forest of pride standing
      way too tall for its own well being
At the bottom of my heart,
   waiting with breathy intent to
      block the light of love living there.

It is Jesus deep inside
   who waits to be called on
      to resist every such impulse,
To help us to extend only
   goodwill toward those who we
      think seek to assail our ramparts.

Truth be told, our goal
   must be to lean on our Savior
      to, like Him, make us unoffendable.

Proverbs 18:19
Matthew 18:15

*inspired by the writing of Abigail Dodds,
"Blessed are the Unoffendable."

by J Alan R
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