We are born wanters,¹
     but with only eyes to see
          what the world wants us to.
God wants us to know
     there’s so much more than
          what the deceiver says is true.

Before we ever choose
     to believe in the only One,
          God's been busy in our hearts.
For by grace, faith grows,
     planted there by God Himself,
          with effort none on our parts.

As the realm of freedom,
     God wants our hearts to choose,
          to welcome Him in to forever stay.
Growing up a special trust,
     that makes believing a possibility,
          allowing only Him to lead the way.

Then God's light shines
     and we see our sinful ways,
          leaving us with a list of want nots,
Desiring to repent,
     doing right sorts of things,
          those only a good God wants.

Empowered by Christ,
     it is no longer me, but Jesus
          who now lives so deep within.
My body crucified
     along with sin upon the cross,
          I am free to become more like Him.

Emboldened to stand,
     God's love casts out all fear,
          and I am strengthened to say:
Repent of your sins
     and be baptized in His name,
          Jesus can be your Savior today.

Ephesians 2:8-9
John 16:8
Galatians 2:20
Acts 2:14, 38-41

¹Brad Swope, "God Speaks to Our Heart"

by J Alan R
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