We're at War!

a yellow post-it
on my every morning mirror
trumpets the truth:
"We're at War!"

it's not your usual,
no flags fly
no weapons wag
and uniforms remain unseen,
but facts are facts:
"We're at War!"

so, today
like every day
for the battle that waits,
i wash my limbs
 in the River of Life,
i rinse my mouth
 in the Word of the Spirit,
i cinch my pants
 with the Belt of Truth,
i fix my buttons
 on the Shirt of Righteousness,
i tie my laces
 on the Shoes of Peace,
i adjust my bill
 on the Cap of Salvation,
i organize my files
 in the Briefcase of Faith,
and then i pray,
'cause this war's like no other,
and though many don't see,
it's as real as real
rooted in victory.

so, brothers and sisters true
there's so very much to do,
dress for the day
and pray, pray, pray,
knowing what's in store
'cause, folks:
"We're at War!"

Ephesians 6: 10-18

 by J Alan R

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