What Are You Wearing
to the Wedding?
The wedding of the Lamb is near,
And we're not just the guests,
   but the bride of the Groom himself,
      primping with little or no time to spare.

The question is this my brethren:
At this hour, do you dare see,
   the gown you plan to wear, if it is
      indeed the one provided for Thee?

Is it a gown still stained in your eyes
   by memories of moments of old blame
      and long-past shame?
Or, is it one washed completely holy
   by the blood of the Groom's sacrifice,
      blameless and shameless,
         in His name?

When God looks at you,
   as you come up the aisle
      what does He see, and of
         what sin does He still hold
            against the likes of thee?

2 Corinthians 5:15-17, 21

by J Alan R
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