What's Left in Your Heart

Can't you see?
I am near.
I am right here.
I pour myself out
     all around you.

Can't you hear?
I called you.
I said your name.
I blew trumpets
     across the land.

Don't you know?
I could be your blessing.
I could be your strength.
If only you'd let Me be
     your one and only.

Joy and gladness
     have left this land.
My grain has been
     left to ruin.
My wine has been
     left to dry up.
My oil has been
     left to no use.
My fruit has been
     left to wither.

I will judge you.
You will come
     to the Valley of Decision.
Cry out to Me
     as if I will still
          hear you.
And we'll see
     what's left
          in your heart.

Joel 1 and 2

Included in the Parade
of Prophets 2 collection.

by J Alan R
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