When Fear Is No More

Being safely aboard
   does not mean there won't be
      violent storms. 

Setting sail and
   successfully putting out to sea is
      a good omen,

But not a promise
   of continued peaceful sailing, or a
      timely voyage.

Hugging the shore,
   lowering the sails in the wind, and
      much prayer,

Are prudent to do,
   but when the wind and waves do
      so conspire,

Making dangerous
   navigating even the best of seas,
      greater steps

Must be employed,
   like letting down every anchor, or
      jettisoning cargo.

Hidden ocean reefs
   and rocky coastlines lurk, wanting
      ships to sink,

Means sometimes
   overboarding even the ship's tackle,
      or jumping ship.

As Paul so pleaded
   to all aboard the ship to Malta island,
      "Stay onboard!"

Or, you surely will not
   be saved from what could be worse,
      running aground.

Keep courage, and in
   good spirits remain, a beachy bay
      is just ahead.

Cut away the ropes,
   roll up your pant legs to your knees,
      and get ready

To swim ashore
   when the captain gives the order,
      and fear is no more.

Acts 27:35
"he [Paul] took bread and gave thanks
to God...and he broke it and began to

by J Alan R
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