When I Think About

When I think about
     the God of the universe
Coming to be with me
     in the form of a baby,
And growing up like a lamb
     ripe for slaughter
In place of me,
I cry.

When I think about
     the King of all kings
Having no majesty
     that I should notice him,
And no beauty
     that I should desire him,
So focused on me,
I sigh.

When I think about
     the Savior of the world
Who left this Earth
     to sit with his Father,
Who said he will return
     to gather me up,
That He won't forget me,
I smile.

And when I think about
      the new paradise,
Singing with the angels
      and praising God's name,
And doing His will
      with nothing else in mind,
With Him forever loving me,
I dance.

Isaiah 25:6, 53:2
Matthew 4:10, 8:11
Luke 23:43
Revelation 2:3, 5:3, 14:13
Revelation 19:9, 22:3

by J Alan R
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