When It's the End of You

You know it's bad
When being eaten by a big fish
Is a good thing.

Sinking deeper than deep
Closing in around me,
Sea-weed wrapped
For a long salt-water nap,
Sands at the ocean's floor
Threaten to tuck me in bed,
Death's door, looking for more.

Then God sent a great fish
To swallow me whole,
Razor teeth a welcome sight,
Such a tongue, my delight,
Gut sucked without a fight, and
Into the belly for at least a night.

Not much too see or do, but pray
With digestive juices on the way,
Aspiring to be the next vomit load
Instead of from the other end.

It's amazing what you will do
When it's about to be
    the end of you.

Ok, I'll go to Nineveh.


Included in the Parade
of Prophets 3 collection.

by J Alan R
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