Who But God

At once a spotless lamb,
     with naked throat stretched forth
          upon a sacrificial blade extended out,
And a righteous warrior,
     at the ready with a red hat's drop
          to draw forth a sword and wave it about.

Made to be like Him, first
     swaddled oh so baby tight,
          making the best of a lowly manger,
Then later, robed as a King,
     riding a horse made for war,
          ready to battle every sign of danger.

He gave us whole His heart,
     split in twain, one a lamb's love
          full of never ending Mercy and Grace,
The other a warrior's might,
     heroism made for epic stuff,
          always there to fight sin face-to-face.

Who but God could be so,
     two in one, and who could know,
          this warrior's greatest weapon
               is His very life?

Exodus 15
Deuteronomy 20:3-4
Matthew 10:34
Luke 2:11-14
John 2:13-17
Revelation 19:11

by J Alan R
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