Who I Am
I am jealous. 
My heart hurts. 
I made you, and yet
You worship another. 

I am angry. 
My heart burns. 
I loved you, and yet
You love another. 

Mountains! Hills!
Hear my cry!
Ravines! Valleys!
It is I. 

With a sword,
I will lop
Your high places off. 
With but a word,
I will fill in
Your depths. 

In your bosom
I will lay the corpses,
Of those you led astray. 
Across your lap
I will scatter the bones
You called aside. 

Keep your hands off
The few I choose to 
They will witness
My hand against you.
They will remember
My holy fury. 
They will lift their hands
And drop to their knees, 
They will see I am the 

They will know forever
Who I Am. 

Ezekiel 6

by J Alan R
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