Why All the Crazy?

Why all the crazy?

Is it fear?
Evil must know
     its hour is near,

And like a drowning man,
     he's grabbing onto anyone
          and anything it can
               on its way down.

Don't sit there
     with a frown. 
In your heart,
     you’ve always known. 
Crazy is as crazy does,
     and not just because.

Evil's hands shake.
It's pacing back and forth.
It knows its time is short.
This is what it's like
     to tremble.
No time to waste.

We should not be surprised.
This is how He said it would be. 
Right becomes wrong,
     and wrong becomes right.

The world is turning upside down,
     but know that Jesus
          will turn it all
               once and for all
                    back to right.

See this poem @ His Newsman

by J Alan R
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