Yet the Just Shall Live

Flying eagles
     from farther
         than earth's
              every corner,
Riding horses
     more swift
          than charging
               leopard cats,
Gnashing teeth
     more fierce
          than hungry
               evening wolves,
They make homes of houses not
They make captives of people
     like sand.
They come to do violence.
They come to devour.
Bitter and hasty,
Terrible and dreadful,
They want us dead.

Lord, how long
     shall we cry out?
Why are the wicked
     allowed to torment?
When will their feet
     lift off our necks?

Yea, yet the just
     shall live by faith,
          to you, oh God
               we shall cling.

Habakkuk 1 and 2

Included in the Parade of
Prophets 9 collection.

by J Alan R
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