You Sin

Woe to him
Who builds his house
On Ill-gotten gain.
Though he builds walls
     all around,
To protect it
     from other evil hands,
The floors in that house
     will whisper the truth
To the beams in the ceiling,
     and the rooftops
          will tell the world
You sin against your soul.

Woe to him
Who builds a town
On bloodshed.
Though its people
     labor to hide the truth,
They weary themselves
     in vain,
For the rest of the world
     knows it is not of God.
A city built on iniquity
     is a raging fire that
          cannot be put out.
You sin against God!

Habakkuk 2:9-14

Included in the Parade of
Prophets 9 collection.

by J Alan R
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