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  • J Alan R

Parade of Prophets: Haggai

Does It Yet Stir?

You sow much, but reap little.

You eat much, but are not full.

You drink much, but still thirst.

You clothe much, but are not warm.

You earn much, but put your money

into bags with many holes.


How is this so?

Consider your ways!

Welcome My presence

back into your lives.

Embrace My presence

with both arms.

Fear My presence

like never before.

Does your spirit stir within?

Does it yet stir for Me?

Raise My temple walls.

Build beautiful its many halls.

For to this glorious task

your Lord God calls,

Not to bring glory to thee,

but to glorify Me.

Haggai 1

Turn to Me

You went for twenty

but found ten,

And yet you did not

turn to Me.

You drew for fifty

yet collected half,

And yet you did not

turn to Me.

You planted much

but grew so little,

And yet you did not

turn to Me.

By this you will know:

when seed nevertheless

fills your barns,

You, my children then

will turn to Me.

It’s just the way it has to be.

Haggai 3:15-17

From This Day

The people wear

their Sunday best,

But kick dogs all

along the way.

They pray aloud,

so all will hear,

But collect change

for tithes they pay.

They thank God

they have homes,

But build Him none

where He can stay.

Yet this God

shows only mercy,

And blessings forward

from this day.

Haggai 3:15-23