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  • J Alan R

Parade of Prophets: Hosea

He Loves Us Still

More than we can count,

We lie to His face

We steal from His hands

We profane His name

We cheat behind His back

We raise our fists at Him

We kill what His hands make,

The list goes on.

We break His heart,

And yet, He loves us still.

Imagine the pain.

Think of the hurt.

Disappointment without end.

So many tears.

As it’s done to us,

And we do to others,

We do to Him.

The list goes on.

We break His heart,

And yet, He loves us still.

He hurt enough

to punish His own,

But He still loved enough

to be merciful.

He hurt enough

to turn and walk away,

But He still loved enough

to save a few.

He hurt enough

to forget us all,

But still loved enough

to call us sons of God.

Hosea 1

How Merciful?

Love of My life,

you are dirty.

You traipse after

other lovers,

and eat their


My heart hurts,

so bad.

Your faithfulness

is like a morning cloud

that promises shade

from mid-day sun,

But then, quietly, wisps away.

You invite lovers to lay

between your breasts,

but you do not prosper.

And you eat your fill of them

but never get enough.

You do not direct your deeds

by what I decide,

because you do not

know Me.

Your pride testifies as much

to My very face.

Return to Me,

Though like paper,

I have torn you,

I alone can mend.

Though like fruit,

I have stricken you,

only I can tend

your bruises.

On the third day,

I will raise you up

Once for all.

Turn to Me,

turn from your men.

And re-turn,

believe in Me.

I desire mercy,

not sacrifice,

But sacrifice I will

to show just how


Hosea 2:5, 7, 13, 3:1

It’s Time

Worldly matters, and

what really matters:

Working to make glad earthly kings,

or worshiping alone the King of

all things?

Earthly kings eventually fall;

like when from their graves

they cannot hear you call.

Wickedness is their only way;

lies are all they know to say.

And none of them call My name,

but are quick of Me to blame.

Out of captivity I called you mine

I took you by the hand and arm

to walk with you for all time.

I want forever to be in your midst

upon this truth I must insist.

It’s time to look to my staff and rod

and follow Me as your God.

Hosea 7:3 and 8-11

Lust is Like That

the oven burns so hot, the baker sleeps all night, as morning finds it still more than a raging fire.
the oven burns too hot, the baker also is devoured, by daylight so consumed along with his ready cakes. lust is like that, stoking the night fires in hearts like ovens, without regard for the dough it promises to bake, but burns up them instead and does not know it, and does not care.

Hosea 7:4-10

Like a Lion

Though I roar like a lion,

I come not to devour.

Though My heart churns,

I will not My fierceness pour.

Though My sympathy stirs,

I bring not my sharp terror.

And though you come near

with great trembling,

I will let you dwell in My den

with my arms encircling.

Hosea 11


I walked like my dad.

As a little tyke,

I mimicked every step.

I walked like my dad.

As a man myself,

I followed his path.

I will walk like my dad,

When my time comes,

All the way home.

But most,

I will walk after my

one true Dad

lockstep every day,

His counsel forever

is the only way.

Hosea 10 and 11

Our Fruit

Embrace or not,

I am the Lord your God!

And because My love

will not end,

I will make you dwell in tents again.

I will leave in heaps your bloody


I will leave the stains of bloodshed

upon your clothes.

You will remember,

And know no other Savior.

Your help comes from Me, alone.

I am the One and Only!

I am your King!

Where is any other?

Say to Me:

Take away our sin.

Receive us with grace.

Horses we will not ride.

Our own hands we will

no longer praise.

Be merciful to us,

the fatherless.

Shadow us by your branches

like an olive tree.

Our fruit is found in You.

Hosea 12:9-14; 13:4,9,10; and 14