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Parade of Prophets: Malachi

Before the Silence

I have loved you, but you ask,

“How have You loved us?”

You have despised Me, but you ask,

“How have we despised You?”

You defiled My Name, but you ask,

“How have we defiled Your Name?”

You may build, but I will throw it down.

You may offer sacrifice, but I will reject it.

You may worship, but I will not hear you.

Before the silence,

My wayward children,

Take Me now to heart,

Stop your sin.

Malachi 1

We Weary the Lord

We weary the Lord

With our words

When we say right is wrong

And wrong is right.

We weary the Lord

With our deeds

When we take what You say

And make it a fight.

We weary the Lord

When we hear Your word

But taking it to heart

We do not delight.

Malachi 2

The Eyes of God

Edom I hated

And laid to waste its mountains

And left its heritage

to the jackals of the wilderness,

But Israel I loved

And restored to splendor its land

And led its heirs

to fly with eagles in the skies.

Like Cain, Esau asks why?

Though Abel and Jacob know:

When you offer the blind,

lame and sick as sacrifice,

Is that not evil?

The eye of the devil.

When you sacrifice at all,

offering with a weary sneer,

Is that not evil?

The eye of the devil.

When you profane to honor,

yet despise my Holy name,

Is that not evil?

The eye of the devil.

Yes, Esau I hated,

But Jacob I loved.

I have no pleasure in you,

None for what you don’t do.

I’m sure to you that sounds odd.

I’d much rather you so sought alone

The Eyes of God.

Malachi 1 and 2*

*God loves whom He chooses to love (the Israelites and not the Edomites), but He also chooses to love those among whom He loves (His priests) who take His love to heart and

God of Might

All people of this world,

Have we not all one Father?

Did not one God make us?

We are brothers and sisters

of one spirit and one blood.

Why do we then treat each other

with such contempt?

Who are these you call god?

What is to gain by seeking the will

of those with no ears or tongue?

Why proffer help from the evil one?

Such gods only delight

in saying wrong is right.

Choose true the only God of might!

Malachi 2

In Harmony

Levi feared God

for he revered His name.

Truth was in his mouth

and justice on his lips.

In harmony

he walked with God.

Should we no less?

Malachi 2:4-9



you have not kept My ways,


you do not take Me to heart,


you no longer Me fear,

As I have been witness,

I send the voice of one

crying in the wilderness

To prepare My Way,

For I must come

Like a refiner’s fire

Like a launderer’s soap

To purify My filthy ones,

So as in the days of old

I may come near again.

Malachi 2:2, 9,14 and 3:5

They Shall Be Mine

Once for all,

I do not change,

But why must I ask:

“Where are you, child?

What have you done with him?”

For the proud are now

called blessed,

Those who do wicked

are raised up,

And those who tempt Me

are set free.

Hear this!

Those who fear the Lord,

They shall be Mine.

Malachi 3:6,7-18

In the Land of the Sun Rise

The day is coming

in the land of the sun rise

When fire will burn all stubble,

leaving neither root or shoot

anywhere on the ground.

The day is coming

in the land of the sun rise

When fatted calves will dance

with joyful feet upon all the

ashes strewn around.

The day is coming

in the land of the sun rise

When the Sun of Righteousness

will burn evil like in an oven

or heal hearts as loves abound.

Malachi 4

The Big Mend

Remember the law

Which will be fulfilled.

Welcome the prophet

Whom I will send.

And in the silence

Await the Big Mend.

Malachi 4