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Parade of Prophets: Micah

A Prattler's Bite

When prattlers prattle,

it’s a warning sign.

They’re about to strike.

When you hear it,

remain calm, and

for God’s sake,

Don’t run!

The irony true

is it’s not about you.

Prattlers prattle

when they’ve nothing better

Than accuse you

of doing exactly

what they do.

The fact remains,

there’s little less painful

in this life, than a

prattler’s bite.

Micah 2:6-11

His Peace

The mountain of the house of God

Sits atop all mountains

Above all hills,

And the people who climb there say:

Let us go to mountain of the Lord.

He will teach us His ways,

And we shall walk in His paths,

For His peace awaits us there.

Forever and ever.

Micah 4:1-3

From Old, From Everlasting

They do not know

the thoughts of the Lord.

They do not understand

His counsel.

They cannot hear

the words from His mouth.

He does not speak

to them at all.

They gather

against you.

They desire

to defile you.

They wish

to possess you.

And for a time, to them

you shall be delivered.

You know

what the Lord has said.

You ignored

what He taught.

You left

the land of His love.

So, to Babylon

you must go.

When you again

cry out to Me,

When you remember

who is your King,

When you cherish

My counsel,

I will gather you

in Zion once more.

Hear Me clear!

Hear Me now!

Hear Me forever!

Out of you will come

From Old, From Everlasting.

Blessed is His name.


Micah 4:9-13

Micah 5:1-5

The Remnant

Out of you,

of so little regard,

will come forth to Me

The Strength of majesty.

This babe of men,

least among least,

will feed of His plenty

The Peace of certainty.

So His chosen,

blind beyond belief,

will see with great clarity

The Remnant of eternity.

Micah 5:1-5

Son of Good

Peace in this land,

true peace,

Cannot be had by sword

or spear.

Peace in this land,

true peace,

Will not be gained by words

or smear.

Peace in this land,

true peace,

Shall not be made by

Robin Hood.

Peace in this land,

true peace,

Will only be found in

the Son of Good.

Micah 5:6-15

Is It Too Much?

My children, My people,

Even those who say

I am not,

What have I said?

What have I done?

How have I wearied you?


I set you free.

Was it that?

I gave you a home.

Was it that?

I said you are Mine.

Was it that?

Is it the bowing down?

Is it the sacrifice?

Is it My holiness?

Is it not enough that instead of you

I gave of My own first fruit

My beloved begotten Son

for the sake of all your sin?

It is too much?

In exchange I require

You do justice!

Love mercy!

And walk humbly,

with me, your God!

Micah 6

Am I Alone in This Land?

There is no fruit in the vineyard.

There are no clusters to eat.

Am I alone in this land?

Faithful men have perished from the


Upright men no longer walk along

its roads.

Am I alone in this land?

The best of the best is no better

than a brier.

The rest is sharper than a hedge

of thorns.

Am I alone in this land?

Brothers hunt brothers with nets,

So they can do evil with both hands.

Am I alone in this land?

Leaders ask for gifts and seek


Important men utter vile desires.

Am I alone in this land?

Sons dishonor their fathers.

Daughters shame their mothers.

Am I alone in this land?

I find no friend to trust.

I have no companion I can put

my confidence.

Am I alone in this land?

Woe would be me,

It is true,

If I had not the Lord to look to.

I am not alone.

He is my salvation.

I call out to Him,

and He answers me.

Micah 7:1-7

Delights in Mercy

As far as the East

is from the West,

Stains cleansed

from our clothes,

Thrown like dirt

behind His back,


no more,

Trodden underfoot,

Cast into the depths

of the sea,

Our sins forgiven

once again;

Praise be to Who

delights in mercy


Psalm 103:12

Isaiah 1:18, 38:17

Jeremiah 31:34

Micah 7:19

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