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Parade of Prophets: Zechariah

Return to Me

I told your fathers,

standing up to their ankles

in the rubble of their evil ways,

Return to Me

and I will return to you.

But they did not hear Me,

nor did they heed Me.

And where are they now?

Do they still stand?

Look what truly does...only

My word and commands.

My children,

do not be

like your fathers.

Zechariah 1:1-6

Comfort of God

A man riding a red horse

at night in a hollow,

Stopped and stood among

white-flowering trees

growing there.

The Angel of the Lord.

Other horses, colored

red, sorrel and white,

Stood just behind, sent

to walk the earth

without fear.

Defenders of the Word.

The time for mercy

has come again.

A surveyor’s string

is stretched out

across the land.

The Measure of His Rod.

His holy house

will be re-built.

He will once more

sit upon His

earthly throne.

The Comfort of God.

Zechariah 1:7-17

Forever Holy Land

Four horns

on the horizon

will arise,

To level this land.

Four builders

from the rubble

will hammer

Those horns to sand.

And God’s people

will scatter no more,

but gather again in

Their forever Holy Land.

Zechariah 1:18-21

Holy Land

A vast land without walls

Is being measured out,

And fire will surround her

For the Lord God Himself

Will stand in her midst.

Many nations will join in

And along with His own,

They will become His too.

For the Lord God Himself

Will dwell in her midst.

Raise your eyes and see.

The four winds of Heaven

Are clearing all sin away.

For the Lord God Himself

Will rule in a Holy Land.

Zechariah 2


An infant’s first word

may someday be an oratory.

A toddler’s first step

may someday be a marathon.

A child’s first written ABC

may someday be a novel.

We rejoice over such firsts.

Rejoice then over

all days of small things.

Zechariah 4:10


Hands that lay the capstone

will lead the commemoration.

Did we not cheer?

Hands that lay the foundation

will finish the building.

Did we not clap?

Hands that drew up the plans

will break first ground.

Did we not smile?

Let us rejoice then

when we see

the plumb line

in the carpenter’s


Zechariah 4:10

Day of Small Things

A house that is built

Begins with a shovel

full of dirt.

Did you not cut a ribbon?

Did you not clap and cheer?

Did not the leader

strike up the band

when you first

broke ground?

Despise not then

the day of small things.

Zechariah 4:10

Only If

The man whose name is BRANCH

Will build His kingdom Israel

glorious beyond measure,

Will sit as both king and priest

upon its lofty throne,

Will reach out to every heart

all across the land,

Will make a peace everlasting

as His Word so declares,

BUT only if we believe and obey

shall this come to pass.

So much depends, my own,

on who you listen to,

The Lord our God sent me

to tell you true.

Zechariah 6:12-15

Night-Vision Goggles

Man of Earth,

An angel said,

With night-vision goggles on,

What do you see

In the dark?

A man on a red horse

standing among trees,

Four horns chased nigh

by four craftsmen,

A man with a tape ready

to measure the world,

A filthy high priest cleaned

and clothed afresh,

A golden lamp stand

flanked by olive trees,

A giant flying paper scroll

consuming a thief’s home,

A woman sitting in a basket

carried aloft by storks,

And four chariots flying high

between bronze mountains.

All visions told,

Child of God,

An angel asked,

What do you know

In the light of day?

Only what I hear

God Say:

Return to Me

And to you

I will return.

And so from my evil,

I do heed,

I repent!

Zechariah 6:8

True Obedience

When there is abundance

we eat and drink it in

with great joy,

instead of true thanks.

When we observe a fast

we chose to do without

with self-pity

instead of true sorrow.

Joy that is self-centered,

Observance that is mere habit,

is not obedience to Thee.

Obedience is more than doing,

it is doing so in heart and spirit.

True obedience is doing it for Me.

Zechariah 7


Truly captive are those

who shrug their shoulders

at what I have to say,

who stop their ears

so they cannot hear Me,

They make their hearts hard

and I will have none of that…

They make themselves prisoner

to lands so desolate.

Zechariah 7:11-14

The City of Truth

It will come to pass

When its citizens walk abroad,

Ten men from every language

Will grasp their arms and say:

“Let us go with you

to your city so rare

on the Holy Mountain,

Where every man

speaks only the truth

to his neighbor,

Where judgement

is given only in truth

at the city gates,

Where only in truth

rests in each man’s

heart and mind,

Where, we have heard,

God lives with you

in The City of Truth.

Zechariah 8:16-23

Mighty Men

Our conqueror,

Sitting astride his flock

In battle royal,

Will put riders on horses

All to shame.

He is the mighty

In His people’s men.

He will build up His house again.

Zechariah 10:3-6



Do you not hear

shepherds wailing,

and lions roaring?


Do you not see

the flock scattered,

and the pride ruined?


The owners of the sheep

seek much profit

in their slaughter.


The hunters of the lions

want many rugs

upon their floors.


So I sent

My lamb

to be sacrificed,

My lion

to become king,

And My dove

to restrain the hands

that seek to spoil


Zechariah 11

2 Thessalonians 2:6-7

Beauty and Bonds

I came with riches from Heaven

But only the poor of the Earth

Held out their hands.

The pride of the rest

Was payment enough

For those happy to stay.

To those now heavenly wealthy

I showed them Beauty and Bonds

And lead and protect them together

to this day.

Zechariah 11: 4-17

Matthew 11:5

Mark 6:34

1 Corinthians 1:26

Again Born

I am the Father

who stretched out the heavens,

laid the foundations of the earth,

formed the man and

breathed life in him;

I am the Holy Spirit

who poured out saving’s grace

and supplication;

And I am the Son

who was pierced for iniquity,

once for all;

Mourn and grieve!

as for an only son,

as for a firstborn.

Repent and believe!

three in one,

to be again born.

Zechariah 12:10-14

The Fountain

In the day The Fountain

first poured forth,

Names of idols written

were washed away,

Stone statues worshipped

were shaken down,

And prophets of lies

were cast out.

Sin and uncleanness

perished in the flood.

Praise be to God.

Zechariah 13:1-6

Sword of Heaven

The sword of the world

will strike the Good Shepherd,

and His sheep will be scattered.

Awake, O sword!

Do thy destined deed!

The sword of the world

will turn its bloody blade

against the Shepherd’s own.

Awake, O sword!

Do thy destined deed!

The sword of the world

will divide the Lord’s flock,

leaving a remnant alone to be.

Awake, O sword!

Do thy destined deed!

Then the Sword of Heaven

will cut a path for the poor

to their Savior standing there.

Awake, O Sword!

Do thy destined deed!

Behold! The Day of the Lord comes.

Behold! The Almighty goes forth.

Behold! The Sword of Heaven

will make believers

God’s sons.

Zechariah 13:7-9; 14:1

Eternal Light

In the City of Peace

Raised up like a precious ring

In the Valley of Gathering,

It will come to pass

that all nations will come

to bow to the Lord of Lords

to obey alone the King of kings,

to worship forever the God of gods,

And no more will there be night

But always day by God’s eternal light.

Zechariah 14:6-16

In The Christ’s Pain

And they shall have no rain.

Those who cook not

In the Lord’s pot.

Those who eat least

Of the Lord’s feast.

Those who are unable

To sit at the Lord’s table.

Those who refuse to share

in The Christ’s pain.

Zechariah 14:16-21