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Parade of Prophets: Zephaniah

Speedy Riddance

On My Day,

With fiery lamps

I will search this land

For those who worship

out of both sides

of their mouth,

For those who once followed

but turned back,

For those who did not seek

or inquire of Me,

For those who contend

I will not do good.

My great day is near,

and it is in a hurry.

The most mighty will cry out.

It will be a day of distress,

A day of devastation,

A day of desolation,

A day of darkness,

And a day of death.

Because of sin against Me,

Of them

I will make a most

speedy riddance.

Zephaniah 1

Disobedient Nation

Disobedient nation.

Before you become

your heart’s desire,

Before you become

what you deserve,

Before God’s judgement

sends you to hell,


Turn back to Him.

It may be

you can still be spared.

And if He does,

that is, spare you,

This time humbly obey.

You may not

get another chance.

Zephaniah 2:1-3

My Signature

Wait for when I AM

in your midst.

When My judgement

is long past.

I will restore again a

language pure,

The tongue of love

My signature.

You will trust again

and call My name.

Deceit will no more

your mouth claim.

You I will gather

and hold so near,

To quiet your hearts

to chase away fear.

Zephaniah 3:8-20

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