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8 Latest Poems:
..God's Hallowed Walls..(10/16/2018)
..Better Treasures..(10/12/2018)
..I See Dad..(9/14/2018)
..Alphabet Supreme..(6/29/2018)
..God's Own Mirror..(5/8/2018)
..Making My Way..(2/7/2018)
..Enough Said..(12/30/2017)
Complete List in Alphabetical Order:
Abba's Lap..(6/14/2013)
A Cold House..(1/12/2007)
A Gift from God..(1/8/2015)
A Glory Often Missed..(6/10/2002)
A New Song..(7/14/2015)
A Saved Sinner's Song..(5/17/2013)
A Shepherd Girl Danced..(12/13/2003)
A Silent Salvation Thing..(12/18/2016)
Atop the Stack..(6/19/2017)
A Water Drop..(3/17/2012)
A Well Steeped Life  (5/20/2013)
again and again..(5/20/2013)
All Comfort..(4/3/2014)
All Out Deliverance..(7/25/2017)
All That'll Matter..(11/29/2014)
All That's Left..(11/9/2014)
Alphabet Supreme..(6/29/2018)
Always Thirsty  (10/1/2012)
Am I Where..(5/29/2016)
And That's the Thing  (5/29/2011)
"And the Greatest of These"  (11/28/2013)
And Then I Began to Fish  (3/3/2012)
And Yet  (5/7/2014)
Anyway...And Still..(5/22/2014)
Barely Bubbles  (12/8/2013)
Before the End..(9/17/2015)
Believing Is Wrapping..(9/20/2010)
Be-live in Superman  (4/18/2011)
Better Treasures..(10/12/2018)
Bigger Eyes Than That..(6/23/2014)
Bigger Than That!..(3/7/2001)
"Blessed Are Those..."..(4/9/2017)
Bone Concert..(7/8/2009)
Breakfast on the Beach  (5/12/2014)
Bright Eyes..(11/11/2014)
Bug Light..(10/12/2004)
Built Without Hands  (9/16/2013)
Burning Bush  (4/2/2012)
By Heart..(5/24/2015)
By This We Can Know  (10/30/2011)
Came a King..(9/15/2000)
Can You?..(9/20/2009)
Can You See Me Now?..(1/16/2010)
Chewed to the Bone  (7/29/2013)
Chosen For Greatness  (10/21/2012)
Closer Still  (5/4/2013)
Come On Let's Play!  (7/22/2013)
Could It Be?..(3/5/2017)
Cracker Jack..(2/11/2015)
Creation Cried  (4/21/2014)
Cross Out  (2/23/2014)
Crouching Lion  (2/10/2013)
Daddy's Feet  (3/8/2014)
Dancing on a Rope..(1/30/2010)
Dead Dudes Don't Do Diddly!..(4/10/2002)
Death Yaps..(4/10/2002)
Did Not the Lion Roar  (9/25/2011)
Do Not Think it Odd..(7/18/2017)
Do the Math..(8/10/2014)
Downside Up  (3/5/2014)
Enough Said..(12/30/2017)
Eros and Agape..(1/16/2016)
Evangelions Roar  (4/12/2014)
Ever Since..(6/12/2004)
Evidence of God  (3/28/2014)
Except For..(9/18/2015)
Eyes to See  (3/16/2014)
Eyes to See..(4/27/2017)
Ezekiel's Hair..(6/7/2009)
Face to Face..(6/5/2014)
Feel Still I Do  (9/8/2012)
Flight Lessons..(7/21/2014)
Flying the Eye of God..(10/12/2004)
Foolish Fish..(4/10/2002)
For Dreamers Only..(5/19/2007)
"For Others"..(6/25/2014)
Forever Cast..(12/5/2014)
Forever Hug..(7/2/2014)
Forever Kids..(2/25/2005)
Forever Kisses..(2/20/2009)
Frady Kat, Frady Kat..(1/24/2015)
From Him  (12/16/2012)
From the Beginning..(11/23/2009)
Glasses on a Rock  (8/18/2013)
"Go Through It"..(6/10/2014)
Godly Bootcamp  (11/5/2011)
God Gave Us..(4/15/2016)
God Stepped Down..(3/21/2005)
God's Grip..(8/20/2014)
God's Hallowed Walls..(10/16/2018)
God's Math  (9/30/2012)
God's Own Mirror..(5/8/2018)
Good News Indeed!  (7/3/2013)
Good Soldiers..(3/7/2001)
"Gospel of the Sleeping Seed"  (5/15/2014)
Gotta Go!..(4/10/2002)
Greater Than All Hearts  (12/21/2013)
Hallelujah Series 1..(5/25/2014)
Hallelujah Series 2..(5/26/2014)
Hallelujah Series 3..(5/27/2014)
Hallelujah Series 4..(5/28/2014)
Hallelujah Series 5..(5/29/2014)
Hallelujah Series 6..(5/30/2014)
Hallelujah Series 7..(6/1/2014)
Handshake from Heaven..(7/7/2004)
He Don't Play..(5/14/2015)
He Gave..(7/25/2005)
He Lifts..(1/29/2016)
He Made Us To Dance..(8/2/2004)
He Sees You  (8/2/2012)
Heavenly Peace (11/11/2013)
Heaven's Leaven  (7/23/2012)
Helpmates Comparable..(10/10/2015)
Here Comes the Bride  (9/1/2012)
Here Lies..(11/8/2015)
High on a Hill  (5/14/2014)
High Time..(7/4/2014)
Highway to Holiness  (12/24/2012)
Him We Have Known..(4/10/2002)
His Beat Goes On  (3/12/2014)
His Cry..(9/14/2010)..(9/14/2010)
His Knowing Nod  (11/23/2011)
His Light Shone  (11/5/2012)
His Way  (3/28/2014)
House of Bread..(10/12/2004)
How Dare..(11/30/2008)
How Is It?  (5/17/2014)
How It Feels..(2/21/2010)
How it Works..(6/24/2015)
i am..(8/6/2014)
I am a tree..(9/25/2014)
I Cry  (4/10/2011)
I Could Ask..(5/17/2009)
I See Dad..(9/14/2018)
If God Gave..(9/15/2009)
If Only..(6/23/2015)
I'm A Balloon..(6/27/2007)
Impossible Fruit  (8/12/2012)
instead of we  (11/12/2012)
In the Desert Place..(3/20/2008)
In the Glorious Darkening..(11/25/2015)
In the Heart of Thee  (11/26/2011)
In the House of His Heart..(2/16/2009)
In the 'Mean'- Time  (11/8/2011)
In the Middle of the Sky..(4/24/2015)
Integrous Man..(3/7/2001)
Into My Storm..(11/30/2008)
Is Empty  (3/31/2013)
Is It Enough?..(4/18/2004)
It's All About..(1/10/2008)
It's Not Dark..(10/12/2004)
It's The Eyes..(5/14/2010)
Jacob's Limp..(12/12/2003)
Jesus Prays..(6/4/2014)
Jesus, Thank You for the Car  (3/11/2013)
Jeremiah's Song..(5/24/2009)
Judging Eyes  (6/29/2013)
Just Ask Joe..(4/26/2004)
Kleenex Bookends..(3/7/2001)
Let All the Earth be Silent..(8/9/2009)
Let the Arms  (11/17/2011)
Let's Hold Hands  (7/15/2013)
Like a Rose..(9/27/2015)
Like Flowers Crushed..(7/29/2017)
Long Promenade..(12/12/2003)
Look Up!  (8/25/2013)
Lord Me..(5/9/2009)
Love That Can Never Fail  (1/25/2014)
Loved Me to Death  (5/6/2014)
Making My Way..(2/7/2018)
Marks the Godly Man..(9/16/2014)
Mirror Men..(4/10/2009)
More Than  (12/27/2012)
"More Than..."  (11/13/2011)
"More Than Just Sunshine"  (12/30/2013)
More Than the Ride in Mind  (10/22/2011)
Moving on Down the Road..(10/26/2014)
My Best Friends..(2/13/2010)
My Ears Don't Work So Good..(9/1/2015)
My Gethsemane..(11/18/2008)
my kingdom quest  (2/18/2012)
My Pretty Box..(11/29/2004)
Names Are Being Written..(3/7/2001)
Night and Day..(12/30/2014)
No Big Death for Me  (10/29/2013)
No Cannibal Stew..(7/19/2017)
No In Me..(2/22/2015)
No Shadow of Turning..(5/8/2017)
Not Drowning This Time  (5/25/2013)
Not Just Cuts  (4/7/2012)
Nothing left to shoulder, but.....(4/16/2017)
Nothing to Complain About..(12/27/2015)
Okay to be Naked..(6/22/2015)
Once in You..(1/13/2017)
One Was Enough..(8/5/2016)
On My Way..(4/5/2009)
Only and Only Again..(7/7/2016)
Our Eyes Are Upon You  (5/2/2013)
Our Nativity Sets at Christmas..(12/23/2014)
Parade of Saints  (12/24/2011)
Parts of Speech  (9/24/2012)
Plants of God's Good Field..(4/14/2006)
Playin' Possum  (9/28/2013)
Pointing the Way..(8/2/2009)
Poured It All Out  (10/6/2012)
Pouring Now..(6/6/2014)
Press On..(6/26/2015)
Promising Forever..(4/18/2004)
Put It On Me..(4/17/2005)
Raking Leaves..(1/10/2008)
Real to Me..(5/26/2004)
Realm Rider..(8/2/2004)
Robe of Eternity..(7/31/2014)
Rocket Rog, Part 1  (11/30/2011)
Rocket Rog, Part 2  (12/2/2011)
Sacred Space  (6/10/2012)
Safe Harbor's Promise..(4/10/2002)
Sanctuary Eyes  (12/19/2010)
Sandy, at the Cliff's Edge..(4/18/2004)
Savior Stew  (5/4/2014)
Say Sos..(11/27/2015)
Secret Saints..(4/28/2004)
Seed of Forgiveness..(2/14/2015)
Send Me  (12/2/2011)
Sent From God  (2/27/2014)
Sharper Than Sharp..(3/23/2015)
Shuns in the Dark..(6/10/2002)
Shut Our Eyes  (2/7/2014)
Simplicity's Joy  (1/14/2012)
Sing, Sing, Sing..(1/17/2009)
Sit for a Spell  (9/2/2013)
Slaves to God  (9/22/2013)
Small Things..(8/23/2009)
So Cry..(5/3/2009)
So Good to Know..(4/26/2015)
So Little Eyes Can See..(5/7/2015)
So Mercifully..(7/8/2014)
Something Harder  (1/16/2014)
Sounds of Salvation  (12/21/2011)
Squatting Jesus  (2/10/2013)
Stand in the Pouring..(2/13/2003)
Starlings Dancing..(12/9/2015)
Still Stands..(11/23/2014)
Strange Work..(1/8/2009)
Streets of Walk This Way  (1/16/2012)
Stubbed Toes..(12/13/2017)
Stubborn Hills..(6/10/2002)
Stuck in Lodi, Again  (12/28/2012)
Taken In  (2/15/2014)
Taste the Rains..(8/7/2009)
Tears from God..(12/29/2016)
That First Easter  (4/6/2014)
That's All That Counts  (4/28/2012)
That's All There Is To Know  (11/24/2012)
The Big Fadeout..(12/30/2016)
The Choice  (3/21/2012)
The Cup  (4/5/2014)
The Cure for Babylonianitis  (5/13/2012)
The Dawnings..(4/10/2003)
The Didymus Confessions
The Door  (12/26/2012)
The Dresser Calls..(4/18/2004)
The Enemy's Mouth  (11/11/2011)
The Farmer's at Hand  (12/18/2011)
The Golden Cord..(8/10/2003)
the hardest goodbye..(10/9/2016)
The Incredible Shrinking Man  (4/29/2014)
The Just Right Time..(7/20/2009)
The Last Kernel  (4/25/2014)
The Light You See  (4/28/2014)
The Maker..(3/7/2001)
The Master's Elbow..(11/7/2005)
The Most Horrible Thing..(7/24/2014)
The Naked Man..(4/18/2004)
The One Shiloh..(3/11/2016)
The Only Thing Worthwhile..(12/7/2008)
The Pearl  (7/28/2012)
The Place of the Cleansing Bowl..(6/20/2004)
The Prize Fighter  (2/12/2012)
The Promised Land..(5/30/2015)
The Road to Forgiveness   (10/1/2013)
The Seven  (5/29/2011)
The Shofar's Blast..(12/18/2009)
The Stonecutter's Stones..(3/7/2001)
The Table's Been Cleared..(7/12/2014)
The Time Has Come..(9/3/2009)
The Time is Near  (4/29/2012)
The Vestibule of Heaven  (12/30/2010)
the Way, the Truth, the Life..(7/16/2014)
The Wilderness of Judah..(2/20/2010)
The Work  (5/24/2013)
There Beats Your Heart..(6/9/2009)
There's a Breaking In  (1/20/2013)
there is where  (5/20/2012)
There Was a Meeting  (10/25/2012)
There You Go..(5/26/2004)
There's a Cross on a Hill..(7/22/2005)
There's No Home Here  (9/10/2013)
There's So Much More..(3/12/2015)
They're Watching..(2/18/2009)
They Don't Have Ears..(4/10/2010)
Things of This World..(10/24/2014)
This Very Moment..(5/26/2004)
Those He Calls..(12/11/2014)
Three Days  (4/19/2014)
Three Mirrors..(8/24/2014)
Through Each Day..(2/25/2005)
Through the Holes..(3/7/2001)
Through the Bath  (3/15/2014)
Time to Get Chirped..(10/30/2015)
To Be Loved  (1/13/2013)
To Everything..(5/1/2017)
Too late for you..(6/19/2015)
Trees Don't Forget..(8/10/2003)
True Enough..(1/8/2017)
True Poetry..(11/27/2014)
Until the Cupboards are Bare..(2/25/2016)
Until the Sun Shines  (4/13/2014)
Until You Are Weary..(2/3/2009)
Up, Up and Away..(7/28/2014)
Waffles and Spaghetti..(11/14/2015)
Waitin' at the Window..(6/14/2005)
waits at the end  (5/17/2013)
Walk with Me..(2/25/2005)
We Would Do Well..(8/10/2003)
We're at War!..(1/23/2010)
Wear Me Like a Pair of Work Gloves..(2005)
Well Worn Stones..(6/11/2015)
What If..(7/7/2014)
What Kind of Child..(12/17/2014)
What More?..(5/26/2004)
What the Servant Saw..(4/18/2004)
What This Woman Did  (2/3/2013)
When as Yet..(8/30/2015)
When God Talks..(12/7/2014)
When Leaves Turn..(3/7/2001)
Where is my Samaritan?  (4/17/2014)
Where the Goats Go..(11/12/2004)
Where the River Flows..(3/7/2001)
Who Am I.....(1/17/2010)
Who Are You?  (4/18/2014)
Who Is Your Father?..(12/2/2008)
Will the Real Me, Please?..(9/2/2006)
With a Holy Kiss..(6/15/2017)
"Yes, Lord"  (5/21/2014)
You Know I Don't..(7/8/2009)
Zombies for Jesus..(7/31/2017)
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